EF #2: Fly With Me

Hmm it's a bit hard to decide which one my wildest dreams is?? Lol... well.. I am  a dreamer, really a big one. I have so many dreams, hopes, imaginations, expectations... and finally, I do believe that the wildest one is being able to fly. Yup moving through the air.

To be honest, for me being in height or high places is an extremely scary moment. In fact, I frequently dream it in my sleep. I can feel how I try hard to kill my fear of heights...and try to keep fly away... finally there is such comfort feeling when I enjoy the way I do -  flying ... my body flies.
Fly with me, credit

Don't ask me, do I ever try to kill that fear of height ? of course I do. Nowadays I already enjoy to move through the escalator, still with faster heart beats. As long as, it is an open area... being in a height is still challenging for me.

Due to that fact, my dream of being able to move in the air -just like a super hero or an angel or even just like a dragonfly - my favorite love-able insect,- is such intermingled idea.

Do you know how does it feel? it feels like a magical thing happen in my life, when suddenly I move  from one building to another, just to have a fresh air after having hard and demanding works. Open the window next to my cubicle...Fly away...pass through the highway and just say "hi" to my friend who works in the front office building...give her a chocolate and then slow down my flapped wings, take a little walk in the green shady park in my office area. feeding the beautiful deer with fresh carrots ... and enjoy my break time under the shady tree. Then go back to my cubicle just before anybody else realize what happened.  

When  I am flying...I don't have any fears to see down under... but ups, wait ...  I never find the wings of mine in my dreams... so I conclude that I fly without wings... Just fly away... I fly without wings...
Jump??? But I do Fly  in my dreams :D

Hmm I also would like to bring my trio krucils, - Alinga, Zaha and Paksi with me... enjoy the blue sky, playing on the white clouds... jumping from one cloud to another...it must be exciting to hear their laughs and screams... Ooh I do really love it... making a happy -unforgettable- moment with those lovely kids, angels of mine.

Hmm who knows, one day we ll meet Nobita, Doraemon, Shizuka and friends who are stopping by after travelling from the dreamland. See, even they still use flutters to help them fly ... xoxoxoxo.

This post is a part of the English Friday Challenge #2 of Blog English Club.


  1. Hai mba Ophi, your dream beyonds my imagination, actually one of my wildest dreams is having Doraemon with me hahaha. I can ask everything to him hahaha.

    1. its also a bit "strange" even for me... however both in my sleep and in my real life..I used to have such imagination.... *too much watching science fiction movies* hahaha

  2. Hai, Mbak Ophi.. :D

    Emang enak ya kalok bisa terbang. Ngga macet, ringkes pulak. Hihihi.. :P Aku jugak mau looooh..

    1. Hi mba Beby...
      So lets fly together....
      Flying with the wind

  3. Hey mb Ophi I noticed that you are a Mel-U graduate �� Are you taking real measures to conquer your fear of height? In regards of your post, being able to fly would make a lot of things easier I suppose ��

    1. Hi mb Mikan...yes I am...really miss Mel U and its atmosphere...
      do you stay in Melbourne as PR? Aahhh wanna be there again oneday.
      Hiks... yes I did it by walking or crossing high cross bridges around Jakarta and even high rise buildings...actually my husband supported and helped me to do so.
      Yup it much easier and fun

  4. Fly with your dreams and minds Mbak. Spread your wings and soar high, the sky is the limit :)

  5. Kalau lagi macet... Pasti pengennya (mobilnya) bisa terbang mbak.. Hehe, kalo aku begini aja cukup, klo bisa terbang ntar pd bs intipin rokku.. :D


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