Island Hopping at West Lombok: Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, & Gili Kedis.

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Hope you all are good. Keep stay at home, keep positive, and keep healthy.

Yes, we have to stay at home due to the COVID-19 Pandemi. However, I hope it will end soon. *itchy feet mode on* Hope we will have other trips as we did before. This time I wanna share a story about trip I had a week before work from home policy applied. Yes it was a week before Indonesia officially had a social distancing policy for COVID-19 prevention.

I had a tour of duty to West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok Island for exact. It was in the middle of March. It was only three days, full of agenda. However we try hard to have a leisure time instead. The day before we went back to Jakarta, we visited 3 little Gilis in West Lombok.
work hard, play hard.

Well, Gili means"little island". When people talk of "the Gilis",  they usually refer to the three little islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Gili Trawangan is the largest and most built up among the three island. Those three island are most visited island in Lombok.

I have visited Gili Trawangan couple years ago. But the 3 little Gili that I mean are different ones. You might be not too familiar with them. In fact, I just heard them a day before went there.

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Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, and Gili Kedis. Those are little Gilis. Since it is ever smaller that the little island or Gili. In fact, it is tiny island.

The best time to start island hopping is in the morning. Especially if you wanna have snorkeling or diving. But, since we (I and my colleagues) only had spare time after lunch, at the day before return home. We compelled to visit the 3 Lil Gilis in the afternoon.

It took about one hour from our hotel in Senggigi to reach the west coast of Lombok where the boat waiting us for island hopping to Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, and Gili Kedis. We rented the boat for IDR 750K. It accompanied us to the 3 little Gilis.

Actually there was another Gili which was Gili Tangkong. We didn't stop by there, since lack of time. It seems that Gili Tangkong had some incredible coconut tree plantations and vast empty beaches. Well, if you have enough time, it is worth to visit.

Gili Nanggu

Our first destination was Gili Nanggu. It took only 15 minutes by boat to get the island. Since it was unusual time for visiting the island, we got there when other visitors were in their way back. Gili Nanggu, is the biggest one compared to the two others. It has white sand. It is a beautiful quite island. I didn't see many visitors there. A small family with lil kids were the following visitors after us.

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Pak Tamrin who guided us said that Gili Nanggu was island for snorkeling. Most people who visit it, they wanna enjoy marine life in the beneath of the surface. It was also kids friendly area for snorkeling. It was only couple meters from the beach line. The marine life with huge groups of fish swam in the coral restorations was not too deep to explore.  Actually, It has many spots for snorkeling with huge amount of fish and coral.

Unfortunately, the water clarity at that time was not perfect due to strong winds moved the waves. Well, we missed beautiful picture of marine life here as many people recommended. We met those unique and beautiful fishes swam around the coral. But it was limited visibility.

However, it was quite relaxing to smell the scene of the sea, sand, and the winds. Blue clear water, white sand, and pounding waves were exactly vitamin for soul.

However my suggestion: visit it in the right time guys! you might be lucky to be surrounded by groups of fish swim in and out of the coral.

There were many gazebos around the shore. There were also accommodations. Pak Tamrin said that they are rented for longer visit for those who wanna stay for more than one night.

After enjoy the beach and having (lots of) pictures, we continued our trip to the next Island. Actually, we prepared another outfit for taking a picture with it. Well, It was also bit uncomfortable wearing swimsuit all the time. We went to the next Gili for having another photoshoot with new outfit. Lol.

Gili Sudak

Gili Sudak is used to be a lunch stop for island hopping tour. Here we found a restaurant, big one with traditional - wood-  design. There was also warung, - small cafe that had the instant noodle menu. Well we should be disappointed because they closed the service already. The seller even just waited the boat to send them back home to the Lombok Island.

A little good news, the resto still can serve us  fresh coconut. After cleansing up and changing outfits we enjoy the coconut.  There are tables and chairs just inches away from the shoreline. Under the sade of beautiful tree with the winds blow. What a perfect moment.  Well, "Indomie rebus" must be make it more complete. lol.

Here, we also can find many instagram-able spots with some encouraging quotes. Don't miss it, take as many as pic you want! Well, I wanna have more time since I really need Vitamin Sea. Hope to be there again someday, with my kids must be nicer.

Gili Kedis

The final island was Gili Kedis. We already saw and passed through this island when we re reaching Gili Sudak From Gili Nanggu. It looks so tiny from the boat. Then we proved how tiny it was. Finally we reached this small white tiny island. Yes, it was so tiny. I wondered how this island was at the high tide? It might be no more than 5 minutes to explore the island. There are a small shack, several swings and benches built to welcome visitor.

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It was merely sundown which remind us to leave the island. What a short trip, but tones of happiness. Really enjoy the atmosphere. I wanna have another visit again with more time to spend. Our boat finally reached the jump off spot.
Hmm a portion of meatball and fried cakes should be a perfect dinner before lay down in the hotel room.
Thanks God, we met "Tukang Bakso" next to Tukang Gorengan on the way home. What a perfect dinner to finish the long day.

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  1. Hahhaaa... tetep yaa Tukang Baso dan Tukang Gorengan tuh makanan ternikmat.
    Maak seneng banget sih explore 3 Gili , ahh snorkling juga.
    Aku terakhir ke Lombok, pas pasca gempa, tsunami itu,jadi volunteer antar temen2 negeri jiran hiks ga ada yang indahnya, sekeliling miris banget, Gili2an juga masih tutup.
    Huuu jadi pengen balik lagi kesana menikmati alam yang indah.

  2. wherever we found good meals, still want to come here...😄

  3. Masha Allah pandamgammya keren banget..indah..., Pantainya terlihat tenang .., gak keliatan rame.semrawut

  4. Wah, Mbak Ophie perjalanan tiga tahun lalu sangat berkesan ya mbak. Berharap bisa mengunjungi Lombok barat nanti.Btw, es kelapanya segar banget buat buka hhehe

  5. What a wonderful journey ya Mbak? Daku blom pernah ke Lombok. Semoga someday bisa jalan-jalan kemari.

  6. ini bakalan jadi bucketlist saya untuk liburan akhir tahun, senang banget rasanya uwuwuw

  7. wahhh keren bgt kak jadi pengen ke lombok deh:(

  8. Semua GILI terutama yang belom banyak wisatawan itu enak bngt didatengin. Masih bagus, bersih dan murah.

  9. Whereever we go, Indomie is the food that we miss a lot, lol :)

    Nice writing for Gili Journey. Maybe someday, I'll be there. For snorkeling, diving, or just waiting sunset with indomie and es kelapa ;)

  10. hwaaa aku dulu ke gili terawangan pas si aa masih umur 2 tahun. pengen banget ke sana lagi bawa pasukan lengkap.
    btw aku naksir sama baju renangnya cakep euyyy

  11. This is one of my travel destination dream list. Semoga secepatnya bisa menginjakkan kaki di tempat ini.

  12. masya Allah, beautiful Islands , thank you for story about Island Hopping mba . and I also hope this pandemic will end soon, so I can go there too, amiin.

  13. My last trip to lombok was amazed juga mba hehe, me and friends visit 3 diferent gilis at lombok ( gili air, gili meno, and gili trawangan ). Kangen banget deh semoga bisa ke lombok lg dan explore gili yang lain :)

  14. Mbak Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, dan Gili Kedis dalam metode islan hopping gitu, apa nggak capek? Saya malah mikirnya sehari-sehari lebih asyiik jadi 3 hari di total 3 pulau ... etapi gak bisa ya karena Mbak Ophi lagi tugas negara.

  15. Such a beautiful Island! Semoga aku berkesempatan menjejak disana juga, benar-benar butuh Vitamin "Sea" nih Teh, hihi. Lombok ini salah satu Destinasi Impianku sekeluarga :))

  16. Saya sedang membayangkan ketika pandemi berakhir. Nikmat banget rasanya traveling begini, ya

  17. Wah masukin wish list nih kalo ke Lombok, soalnya aku belum pernah ke Lombok hehe sedih yaah akuu. Tapi next InshaAllah ke Lombok setelah pandemi berakhir. aamiin

  18. Paling Asik island
    Hopping di Gili ini ya. Dapat banyak. Bagian snorkeling seru cuman sayang ombak sedang besar ya. Sebaiknya berangkat jam berapa biar ideal?

  19. Jadi kangen sama Gili Trawangan dan Gili Air, pas masih smp pernah liburan kesana. Smoga pandemi ini lekas selsei dan bisa kesana lagi someday. Aamiin.

  20. Wah Lombok memang luar biasa. Maret lalu saya ke Lombok tp blm ke gili2 ini. Baru Gili Terawangan saja sm lainnya. Pengen balik ke Lombok. Thx y mb infonya

  21. Baca ini jadi kangen teravelling teh. habis pandemi pengen main ke Lombok ini

  22. Ya Allah ... kangen Lombok!
    Terakhir ke sana itu sebelum nikah, berarti 6 tahun lalu. Hahaha lama banget yaa
    Pengen main air asin!

  23. Wah seru ya... jadi pengen ke lombok juga :D


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